Yahoo Search Tips Part 1

How to search in Yahoo

How Yahoo searches

If you know exactly what you’re looking for or even have a general idea, try using Yahoo! search. Specify a keyword or set of keywords, and Yahoo! will search its entire database to find listings that match the keywords you provide.

After you have specified keyword(s) inside the query box and clicked on the search button, Yahoo will search through the five areas of its database for keyword matches. The five areas are:

Yahoo! Categories
Yahoo! Web Sites
Web Pages
News Stories
Yahoo! Net Events

The first page returned to you will be a list of matching Yahoo Categories followed by a list of matching Yahoo Sites. If no matching Yahoo Categories and Sites are found, Yahoo will automatically perform a Web-wide, full-text document search using the Inktomi search engine.

Yahoo! first finds all the keyword matches and then sorts the results according to relevancy within each specific area. Yahoo! ranks results in the following manner:

Multiple Keyword Matches: Documents matching more of the keywords will have a higher rank than those matching less.

Document Section Weighting: Documents matching words found in the Title are ranked higher than those found in its Body or URL.

Generality of Category: Categories matching higher up in the Yahoo tree hierarchy (i.e.- more general categories) are ranked higher than those deeper in the hierarchy (i.e. – more narrowly focused categories)

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