Snake on YouTube

Snake on YouTube

Snake was one of the earliest computer games and enjoyed a huge renaissance when it was included on Nokia mobile phones in the late 1990s. It involves guiding a short worm (actually, snake) around the screen, eating blobs. When the head of the snake crashes into a wall or part of its tail, the game ends.

I won’t go into any detail on how many hours I wasted in my teens playing Snake, but I am happy to show you how to unlock the famous videogame on YouTube.

  1. Start a YouTube video and let it load properly.
  2. Pause it, hold down the left key for 2-3 seconds and simultaneously press up. The Snake game should pop up.
  3. It’s time to play! Use your arrow keys to move the snake around and chase the pellets.
  4. Now, back to work!

It only works if you are on

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