Photoshop – Photoshop 6.0.1 WeIrD!

Version – 6

  1. Open PhotoShop 6
  2. Hold down CTRL-ALT
  3. Go to Help > About PhotoShop…
  4. See the cat (Venus in Furs)
  5. Wait for the Credits to start (FAST)
  6. Press Alt to speed up the credits
  7. Now, while they’re speeding, click the big eye once…
  8. While you’re still holding the Alt key, press the Ctrl key
  9. Now, let up on the Alt key.
  10. About 60 secret messages will pop up just above the scrolling creditsNOTE: If you goto the bottom of the credits, your name will say: thanks to your name because they are our most valued customer.

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