Outlook 2010 Advanced – Lesson 20 – Viewing RSS Feeds

This module explains how to use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, which is a way to feed web content directly to your Inbox whenever a website is updated. You’ll learn how to add an RSS feed to Outlook 2010. You’ll learn how to modify or delete RSS feeds. This module also explains how to view a feed and work with feed items.

Adding an RSS Feed

Use the following procedure to subscribe to an RSS feed. Microsoft Security alerts are used in this example.

  1. Navigate to the website to which you want to subscribe.
  2. Click on the RSS feed icon.

  1. Your browser opens to the XML page of the website. If you select the Subscribe to this feed link, you will be subscribed in your browser, but not in Outlook. Instead, go to the address bar and select the address. Copy it by pressing CTRL C.

  1. Return to Outlook. From the Mail view or the Folders list, right-click on RSS Feeds.
  2. Select Add a New RSS Feed from the context menu.

  1. Outlook displays the New RSS Feed dialog box. Paste the address you copied from the website by pressing CTRL V.
  2. Select Add.

  1. Outlook displays a warning message. Select Yes if you trust the source.

Modifying or Deleting RSS Feeds

Use the following procedure how to modify an RSS feed. Select the File tab to open the Backstage View.

  1. Select the Account Settings from the Account Settings button.

  1. In the Account Settings dialog box, select the RSS Feeds tab.
  2. Select the feed you want to modify and select Change.

Outlook opens the RSS Feed Options dialog box.

  1. You can make the following changes:
  • Change the Feed Name by entering a more descriptive name for your use.
  • Select Change Folder to select a new location where Outlook will deliver new feed content.
  • Select whether to download enclosures for the RSS feed. Make sure that you trust the source before checking this.
  • Select Download the full article as an HTML attachment to see articles in HTML instead of the simpler XML format.
  • Check the Update Limit box to limit how often RSS feeds are updated.
  1. Select OK to save your changes.

Use the following procedure to delete an RSS feed.

  1. In the Account Settings dialog box, select the RSS Feeds tab.
  2. Select the feed you want to modify and select Remove.

Outlook displays a warning message.

  1. Select Yes.

Viewing a Feed

When you add a feed, Outlook begins receiving feeds in the selected folder. The items are listed and arranged in the middle pane like your Inbox. You can read a highlighted item in the Reading pane.

Working with Feed Items

You can download or view RSS content in HTML. You can also share a feed. You can move, forward and delete feed content just like an email message. You can also categorize and set follow up flags.

Below are the tools available for RSS feed items.

  • Download Content
  • Share This Feed
  • View Article
  • Forward
  • Categorize
  • Flag for Follow up

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