Outlook 2010 Advanced – Lesson 12 – Flagging a Message

When you send a message, you can flag it for follow-up, for the recipient’s information, for forwarding, for a call, or for other actions. You can also flag messages you receive. In 2010 the general Flag option is available from the ribbon however if you wanted to send a custom flag then by selecting custom you will get the Custom dialog box appear as shown in Figure 211, to attach the custom flag. You can even indicate the date by which you or the recipient should act.

Figure 211: The Flag Message Dialog Box

The message list displays a flag on the message line to indicate that a message is flagged. When you open the message, you see an information area below the tabs that displays the flagged message, as shown in the sample message in Figure 212.


Figure 212: A Sample Flagged Message Showing the Information Area

To flag a message:

1. Select the Message tab in the new message window click the Follow Up Message Flag button.

2. Select Custom from the list.

3. In the Custom dialog box that appears click on the drop down arrow next to the Due Date combo box, enter the due date From the calendar.

4. Choose OK.

In the following exercise, you will flag messages.

1. Open the Sent Items folder
2. Open the Sub for Me? message
3. On the Message tab , click the Follow up button The Follow up Flag Message menu appears.
4. Click Tomorrow flag The information area above the actual message will read: After this message is sent it will be flagged for you with the following information: Follow up. Start by … Due by…
7. Close the message The Follow up flag appears beside the subject in the message list.
8. Open the Inbox
9. Open the Mardi Gras Plans message
10. On the message toolbar, click the Follow Up The Follow Up list appears.
11. Select Custom The Custom dialog box will appear
12. Click the Flag drop-down list arrow, and then select For Your Information, do the same for the Flag for Recipients area

13 Choose OK

14 Save and Close the message

The information area below the tabs displays For Your Information.

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