Outlook 2010 Advanced – Lesson 11 – Voting Buttons

An additional General option available in a new message is using voting buttons. When you use voting buttons, you make it easy for the recipient to respond to a question. The recipient sees the buttons in the new message above the tabs. When the recipient chooses a button, Outlook displays a message box like those shown in Figure 210 that asks the recipient to confirm the response. The recipient can select the Edit the response before sending option button to include a message with the vote. Once the recipient chooses OK, Outlook automatically sends a message to the sender that shows the recipient’s response.

Figure 210: Voting Message Boxes

To add voting buttons to a message:

  1. In the message choose Options tab
  2. Select the Use Voting Buttons button and then click the voting button names you want to use in the box e.g. Approve;Reject, Yes;No or Yes;No;Maybe
  3. Choose Send

To respond to a voting message:

  1. On the message tab
  2. On the Respond group choose vote
  3. Choose your choice to vote

In the following exercise, you will use voting buttons.

1. Create a new message and address it to your partner
2. In the Subject field, type Band
3. In the message area, type I think Elena should hire a band. What’s your opinion?
4. Select the Options tab .
5. Click the Use voting buttons button Approve;Reject etc. appears in the drop-down list box.
6. Click the your voting option
7. Send the message
8. If necessary, check for new mail
9. Open and read the Band message from your partner The Approve and Reject voting buttons appear above the tabs.
10. Choose the vote button A dropdown list appears.
11. Choose your vote A pop alert asks if you would like to send the response or edit the response first.
12. When you receive the message indicating your partner’s vote, open it, read it, and then close it

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