Outlook 2010 Advanced – Lesson 10 – Setting and Using Message Options

When you know the message you are sending is especially important (or, likewise, unimportant) you can mark it to show the recipient its urgency. If you set the importance of a message to high, the recipient sees a red exclamation point in the message list. If you set the importance to low, the recipient sees a blue down arrow. If the importance is normal, the recipient sees no icon beside the message in the message list.

When you request a delivery receipt or a read receipt, Outlook automatically sends you a receipt that tells you when your message was delivered or was read.

In 2010 the Message options are available on the Ribbon in the New Message window via the Message tab or the Options tab shown in Figure 29, to set options for the current message only. Table 24 summarizes the options.

Figure 29: The Message Options available on the Ribbon in the New Message Window

By selecting the mini arrow button on the right hand corner of the Tracking area of the Options tab (shown in the image above) or the Options area of the Message tab you will be able to view the Message Options dialog box as shown below;

Option type Name Function
Message Settings Importance Sets the message importance to high or low.
Message Settings Sensitivity Sets the message sensitivity to personal, private, or confidential.
Voting and Tracking Options Use voting buttons Adds labeled buttons to your message so recipients can respond to a proposal with a click of the button.
Voting and Tracking Options Request a delivery receipt for this message Requests a receipt when the message has been delivered.
Voting and Tracking Options Request a read receipt for this message Requests a receipt when the recipient opens the message.
Delivery Options Have replies sent to Send replies to the message to a select group of people chosen from the Select Names tab
Delivery Options Do not deliver before Sets the earliest possible delivery date.


Expires after Deletes a message if it is not delivered by the specified date.

Table 24: Message Options

To set the importance for a message:

  1. Open a New Message and, select Low, or High.

To set Delivery Options for a message:

  1. – Open a New Message and select the Tags arrow, which will open the Properties dialog box, select Low, Normal, or High and select the desired options check boxes.

In the following exercise, you will set and use message options.

1. Create a new message and address it to your partner
2. From the Message tab click the Importance: High button
3. In the Subject field, type Sub for me?
4. In the message area, type I’d like to go away this weekend. Can you sub for me? and then press Enter twice
5. Type your initials, using lowercase letters, and then press Spacebar Your name appears.
6. Select the Options tab The Options ribbon appears.
7. In the Tracking area select the mini arrow on the bottom right hand side and make sure the Importance drop-down list box displays High
8. In the Vote and Tracking options area, select the Request a read receipt for this message check box
9. Close the dialog box and Send the message
10. When you receive the Sub for me? message, check its importance A red exclamation point appears in the Priority column.
11. Open and read the message
12. When you receive the Read Report message indicating receipt of your message, open it, read it, and then close it

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