Microsoft FrontPage

What is Microsoft FrontPage extensions

FrontPage server extensions are a set of server-side applications that:

  • Let several people collaborate simultaneously on the same Web site and Web Server (multi-user authoring).
  • Let users write directly to the Web server using a PC or laptop computer from anywhere in the world via the Internet (remote authoring).
  • Let users include forms on their Web site and specify how the results of those forms are handled.
  • Let users include discussion Webs on their Web site.
  • Provide full text search capability on a Web site.
  • Let users include hit counters on their Web site.
  • This “pre-packaged” functionality lets users incorporate these advanced features without having to write the complex server-side programs typically required.

Can users create a FrontPage-based Web without using the server extensions?

Absolutely. With the exception of the functionality mentioned above, there is no difference between a Web site that uses the server extensions and one that does not.

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