Microsoft Access 2016 – Build tables with the Table Designer

To add tables from scratch and to view and change table properties, use the Table Designer.

Try it!

  1. Select Create > Table Design.

Access ribbon command for Create > Table Design

  1. In the new table, for the first field, enter a field name and a data type.

First field name and data type of a new Access table

  1. To set the primary key for the table, select the Field Name cell for the appropriate field and then select Primary Key.

Selecting a primary key field in a new Access table

The Primary Key indicator appears to the left of the field name. You can change the primary key at any time, but each table can have only one primary key.

  1. Select File > Save, and name the table.

There are many more options when you build and modify tables with the Table Designer.

Switch the Table Designer between Datasheet View and Design View

  • Switch between Design and Datasheet views for any saved table.
  • Designate any field as the table’s primary key.
  • Use Builder to create an expression or input mask.
  • Test validation rules.
  • Insert and delete rows.
  • Create lookup lists.
  • Create, rename, and delete data macros.
  • Define relationships and object dependencies.

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