Google Search Tips Part 4

How to search in Google

AND Finds documents containing all of the specified words or phrases. Peanut AND butter finds documents with both the word peanut and the word butter.
OR Finds documents containing at least one of the specified words or phrases. Peanut OR butter finds documents containing either peanut or butter. The found documents could contain both items, but not necessarily.
AND NOT Excludes documents containing the specified word or phrase. Peanut AND NOT butter finds documents with peanut but not containing butter. NOT must be used with another operator, like AND. Google does not accept ‘peanut NOT butter’; instead, specify peanut AND NOT butter.
NEAR Finds documents containing both specified words and phrases within 10 words of each other. Peanut NEAR butter would find documents with peanut butter, but probably not any other kind of butter.
( ) Use parentheses to group complex Boolean phrases. For example, (peanut AND butter) AND (jelly OR jam) finds documents with the words ‘peanut butter and jelly’ or ‘peanut butter and jam’ or both.
anchor:text Finds pages that contain the specified word or phrase in the text of a hyperlink. anchor:”Click here to visit” would find pages with “Click here to visit” as a link.
applet:class Finds pages that contain a specified Java applet. Use applet:morph to find pages using applets called morph.
domain:domain name Finds pages within the specified domain. Use domain:uk to find pages from the United Kingdom, or use domain:com to find pages from commercial sites.
host:hostname Finds pages on a specific computer. The search would find pages on the computer, and hst:fast:fast– would find pages on the computer called fast-trak2 at
image:filename Finds pages with images having a specific filename. Use image:beaches to find pages with images called beaches.
like:URLtext Finds pages similar to or related to the specified URL. For example, finds Web sites that sell used and rare books, similar to the www.abebooks site. finds public and university library sites. like: finds sites about culture on the Indian subcontinent.
link:URLtext Finds pages with a link to a page with the specified URL text. Use to find all pages linking to
text:text Finds pages that contain the specified text in any part of the page other than an image tag, link, or URL. The search text:graduation would find all pages with the term graduation in them.
title:text Finds pages that contain the specified word or phrase in the page title (which appears in the title bar of most browsers). The search title:sunset would find pages with sunset in the title.
url:text Finds pages with a specific word or phrase in the URL. Use to find all pages on all servers that have the word in the host name, path, or filename–the complete URL, in other words.


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