Excel 2010 Introduction – Lesson 8 – Printing Excel Data

Lesson Eight: Printing Excel Data

This module discusses printing your worksheets. First, the module covers the Page Layout tab for setting up the worksheet page. Next, the module goes into more detail on setting up your pages. The module discusses how to use Print Preview, Finally, the module explains how to print your worksheets.

An Overview of the Page Layout Tab

The Page Layout tab is used to set up your page. There following groups of buttons are on this ribbon:

  • Themes
  • Page Setup
  • Scale to Fit
  • Sheet Options
  • Arrange

Shown here is the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.

Setting Up Your Page

The Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon includes several tools to help you set up your page. You can control the margins, orientation, and size of your page. You can also control the print area, if you don’t want to print all of the contents of your worksheet. Finally, there is another opportunity to control page breaks. You can also include a background and printing titles.

Use the following procedure to use custom margins.

  1. Select Custom Margins from the Margins tool on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon.

Excel displays the Page Setup dialog box.

  1. Use the up and/or down arrows to control each of the margins (in inches). When have finished, select OK.

Using Print Preview

Shown here is the Print tab in the Backstage View.

Printing Data

You can print a worksheet, an entire workbook, or any part of a worksheet. You can either print the active sheet (Quick Print) or control exactly what you print using the Print dialog.

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